The feeling that you really matter

Every person has his certainties, but certainly uncertainties. For example, I’m in a period that many call ‘in between jobs’. I found myself getting less able to fall asleep, a lot of thinking about how things would go financially. Each day I woke up increasingly fearful. I noticed that finding a suitable job is currently extremely difficult, despite my excellent track record. How will I make ends meet with much less revenue? Can I still pay my mortgage?

Sety Ditters ~ Owner Sety Ditters Events

When I read the call that one could be qualified for a free breakthrough session, I immediately enrolled and – happily – was qualified!

Without interruptions, without unintended advice

Asha offers, without interruptions and without unintended advice, a listening ear. She is honest and that I really like. In a respectful way she is able to articulate things well. I always love to talk with Asha. She radiates a certain tranquility and softness, and I can be myself.

Empathy and power

With wonderment and pride I’ve seen Asha grow as a coach. Because of her self-coaching ability she can recognize and process her own themes. This makes Asha ultimately capable to be fully present for her clients. What makes Asha unique is the combination of empathy and power. Because Asha can be who she really is, you will feel encouraged to become who you are.

Safe and without judgment

I’ve found our session very valuable. Your quiet and calm effluence gives me a secure and safe environment to tune in deep into myself. It’s nice to tell my story to a warm person who, without judgment and with a reaching hand,  allowed me to come to my own insights.

Life experienced

I’ve got to know Asha on the MMS Coach Training. Asha is a very beautiful sensitive woman with a warm heart and a good ear. Her life experience makes her a good coach.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?