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A thousand times NO

Many people find it hard to say 'No'. In general, women are most affected by it. Someone asks if you want to do something and almost automatically, without any internal consultation, you say 'Yes', but microseconds later you realize that that 'Yes' should have been a 'No'.

What are we so afraid of, when we actually have to say 'No' , but don't do it?

  • What are we so afraid of , when we really have to set borders with family and friends, but don't do it?
  • What are we so afraid of, when we really should stand up for ourselves, but don't do it?

Bahia Shehab, an Egyptian artist, practiced saying 'No'. With her artwork "A thousand times 'NO' " she took part in the Arab revolution. A revolution which clearly dealt with 'No'-sayers. And yet… she did it …

Fact: Women don't allow each other to shine !

It strikes me that there are often posts on LinkedIN about the competition between women. There are questions like ‘Why women can’t stand each other “or “When will women stop putting each other down?” And there were a few more of those remarks. And if you believe headlines, you may start thinking that women all over the world are like that.

Changing the world, starts with you !

Remember this delicious clincher? Maybe you find it corny. Or it immediately makes you want to yawn. “Yeahyeah, I know” (sigh …)

And yet … in 2012, the world still has not changed, even if we make great efforts to create a better world. There are still wars. Hunger is still a problem. Injustice all over the planet. That’s quite cheerless. Or … not?

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Life can sometimes be very unfair. Quite incomprehensible. It is always sad when someone dies, but if that someone is old and tired, than that can be a consolation for the family. “Grandpa has had a good life, I’m going to miss him.”

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Do you remember how you were as a child? What things you dared to do, thought of and dreamt about? How you saw more opportunities than danger? That everything was possible and all those roaring ‘bears on the road’ looked like Winnie the Pooh?

This adorable girl with the appropriate name Adora Svitak, teaches adults the importance of being childlike. Thinking like a child can produce great things. But only when we are willing to listen.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?