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"As long as my work is satisfactory." "I don't really have to become rich, you know, as long as I am happy", "Money does not buy happiness.", "It is not good to ask for money for my services.", "Why should I be rich if I can be happy?" … These are all statements and beliefs whose underlying message is:."being rich is bad" or "being rich makes you a bad person.", "You can't be happy and rich at the same time!".

And these beliefs stop us to be successful or make proper business decisions. And money … is very convenient, right? But we must not have too much of it, right? But … what is too much?

When you feel betrayed...

When you feel betrayed...A littlebit shaky you stare at the homepage of the website of the organisation that provides social welfare. You have the option to register and ask for unemployment benefits, but your fingers just rest on the keyboard. No typing at all and your mind wanders back to one month ago.

"Did you hear the news? Angelica has become the new project manager of business unit New Markets." For a second you stop sipping your coffee and watch your assistant in disbelief. "Is something wrong?" he asks, totally unaware of what is going on. You say nothing, but get up and walk into the hallway. Straight to the office of the Service Line Manager. You ask her if she has a minute for you. She gestures that you can come in. You close the door behind you.

"Sit down. What can I do for you?"
"My assistent told me something I'd like to verify. Did Angelica get the job as project manager for New Markets?"
"Uh .. yeah. Why?"
"But … you promised me that job."

What do you use? Powerpoint, Prezi ... or .... Dancers?

Yes, there's a new presentation tool on the market. Preferably used by scientists. It's innovative, exciting, good for the environment both the biological and the financial one.

3 things you should know if you are working on a long-term project

Today's society puts a great deal of pressure on us. We have to do a lot of things:

  1. study
  2. work
  3. raise our children
  4. housekeeping
  5. build relationships
  6. etc

And that pressure can keep us quite busy. At a level that we feel rushed and stressed out. What can we do to create peace and rest in our minds on a daily basis while being engaged in long-term projects?

Small things do matter !

We all struggle along with the balance between your work and your personal life.

And also here it comes down to our own responsibility. For – whether we are employed or an entrepreneur – we must do it ourselves. Nobody will do it for us.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?