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Do you suffer because of your own jealousy?

"She can very well conduct a meeting" your husband says while you are sitting at the dining table. He puts down his spoon to take a sip of water. Meanwhile, your fork en spoon tap on your plate while scooping up some macaroni and cheese. "A natural, that's what she is." your man continues. He picks up his spoon again and gets ready for the next bite.
"Everyone loves her. She is articulate and knows how to keep everyones attention during her presentation." He picks up his napkin and wipes his mouth.

The whole universe is against me!

Maybe that's how you experience life at this moment. Or maybe you do say: "God is against me" or " Whatever it is … IT is against me ! "

Perhaps you experience what you 're going through as 'punishment' or as 'being punished'. You can see how successful others are. Or have the things you would love to have. Or do the things you would love to do. Maybe you've been through so many negative things that you are convinced that positive things don't happen to you.

Do you believe it yourself ?

Are you talented? Are you excellent at what you do? Do you dare to speak publicly? Do you design incredibly smart web applications?

To be successful in “The art of living ‘, there is a lot we need to DO.

  • setting our goals
  • describing our talents
  • understand how and what makes us tick
  • taking appropriate training courses
  • balance our lives in order to function optimally
  • Hiring a coach for the necessary support
  • Find a mentor to learn from.
  • etc. ..

Every single one is very important, all kind of things we can DO.

But what makes us successful is not only what we do, but especially what we BELIEVE!

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We are so afraid of the unknown. Or for the things we have learned to fear. Or wrong. If we carefully consider why we are afraid to deal with certain people, then 9 out of 10 times  it's just ignorance. Our conflicts and wars are based on fear. Being and thinking differently can threaten anyone.

Therefore we tend to withdraw from people who are different. And the mystery around someone only increases, because there is no dialogue.

Don't fake it, 'till you make it !!!

This message is brought to us by Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy in her inspiring speech. Just as our brain affects our body, so does our body affect our brain.

"Fake it, 'till you BECOME it !!!"
It takes only 2 minutes to implement small changes in our brains by using particular body poses. And lots of small changes … eventually make a few BIG CHANGES !

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?