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Just be who you are... it sounds so easy, right ?

But in daily life it sometimes is not easy. Because … Who are you really?

  • Are you the black sheep in the family? That always show up too late or not at all at family gatherings?
  • Are you the perfect daughter, of whom nothing more is expected than always doing the right thing?
  • Are you the eternal single girl, of whom people no longer expect to have a relationship?
  • Are you the strong woman who always takes small indignities for granted in your relationship?
  • Are you always full of laughter, sociable, fun  cozy, a carefree partyanimal, who grieves in silence for her infertility?

What role do you have? And is it a role that you have chosen? Or has that role been slid in your shoes imperceptibly? That imperceptibly that you've been walking around with it for so many years that you've come to believe it yourself.

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We are so afraid of the unknown. Or for the things we have learned to fear. Or wrong. If we carefully consider why we are afraid to deal with certain people, then 9 out of 10 times  it's just ignorance. Our conflicts and wars are based on fear. Being and thinking differently can threaten anyone.

Therefore we tend to withdraw from people who are different. And the mystery around someone only increases, because there is no dialogue.

Are you (still) a victim ?

The other day I saw a very domineering mother sitting with her 33 year old son in Dr. Phil’s show. The mother was convinced she was doing a good job turning her son into a man. ¬†While the loving son repeatedly and unsuccessfully mentioned that he felt belittled because his mother interfered with everything in his life. Nothing he did was good, but she wished a stable and independent life for him. But that didn’t happen… crazy huh?!

How often does this occur? There are many adults who – like that son in Dr. Phil’s show – have difficulty to unleash their full potential, because they’ve lost their inner strength. Although … ‘lost’ is not the right word, because the inner strength is still there. No, it is about losing the consciousness of being able and allowed to be a powerful and autonomous person.

What do we have against manuals ?

For most things today manuals are written. Appliances, machinery, furniture that was purchased at a large Swedish company. Whatever it is, there is a guide written for it. Even for the miniature toys in the chocolate surprise eggs.

In some cases, the manual even has three parts. There is a long version, a short version and an ultra-short version. Nowadays you can watch people online showing you how something is done. Isn’t that great?

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?