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The whole universe is against me!

Maybe that's how you experience life at this moment. Or maybe you do say: "God is against me" or " Whatever it is … IT is against me ! "

Perhaps you experience what you 're going through as 'punishment' or as 'being punished'. You can see how successful others are. Or have the things you would love to have. Or do the things you would love to do. Maybe you've been through so many negative things that you are convinced that positive things don't happen to you.

At the end of the day, all we want is...BEING HAPPY!

If we just put down our busy schedule and see what we are actually are doing? Weight loss, study, work, travel, etc. .. We do all these thing, because the core of our desire is: BEING HAPPY.

In short, we work hard to be happy. But how often do we ARE happy?

What do you prefer: being independent or not?

Nobody wants to be dependent, at least most, healthy, good thinking people don't. They want to be independent.

And yet there isn't much about it in everyday life. Once something is not working out, we quickly point our finger at someone else. The government is not its job. The banks are making a mess of it. The young people in the neighborhood make too much noise. That stupid boss with his unreasonable requests. That pesky customer who could not come to a decision. Those weird relatives who never show up when you need them or they never leave.

Complaining and grumbling at others, indicates that we still depend on the other. Because if we would be truly independent then, what someone else says and does, does not effect us. Right?

5 steps (to start) to accept yourself

If you read my blog regularly, then you know that my company is called 'Unleash who you are'. And that's what we all want, right? To be who we really are

And not 

  • 'who we are supposed to be'
  • 'who we hope to be when we grow up'
  • 'who we are when the sun shines'

No .. just … "Unleash who you are 'at this moment … NOW … ALL of who, what and how you are.

You always have a choice !

Those, who receive my Booster, know that I have a very good friend who is terminally ill and dealing with the end of his life. I visited him and his wife recently and that was warm and peaceful. We shared memories and laughed and laughed. Because that is something we always have been good at. Laughing.

Laughing is easily done when all is well. But when things don’t go well, we laugh less or even not at all. And sometimes we just laugh and make jokes a lot, to unconsciously¬†find distraction. But once we were in silence, we would feel our own deep grief. So we make sure that things are not quiet around us.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?