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Do you suffer because of your own jealousy?

"She can very well conduct a meeting" your husband says while you are sitting at the dining table. He puts down his spoon to take a sip of water. Meanwhile, your fork en spoon tap on your plate while scooping up some macaroni and cheese. "A natural, that's what she is." your man continues. He picks up his spoon again and gets ready for the next bite.
"Everyone loves her. She is articulate and knows how to keep everyones attention during her presentation." He picks up his napkin and wipes his mouth.

The whole universe is against me!

Maybe that's how you experience life at this moment. Or maybe you do say: "God is against me" or " Whatever it is … IT is against me ! "

Perhaps you experience what you 're going through as 'punishment' or as 'being punished'. You can see how successful others are. Or have the things you would love to have. Or do the things you would love to do. Maybe you've been through so many negative things that you are convinced that positive things don't happen to you.

'Me? I am doing just fine ! :-) '

You probably recognize this. Just having a nice cup of coffee and then there she is, in the same restaurant as you, that woman who made a hurtful remark a few months ago. It hurted then so badly, that you’re now feeling it again. Your partner sees that you’re a bit shaken and asks what’s going on and you wave it gently away with: “Oh … I just thought of something unpleasant, but it’s already passed. ”

Your coffee time is quite cosey, but you are constantly aware of the presence of that woman, no matter how much you try to ignore her. And that bothers you somehow. It bothers you that you have not processed that stupid comment yet. That you haven’t thought of it for months, but now you’re confronted with ‘that woman’ you suddenly feel how much it bothers you.

Fact: Women don't allow each other to shine !

It strikes me that there are often posts on LinkedIN about the competition between women. There are questions like ‘Why women can’t stand each other “or “When will women stop putting each other down?” And there were a few more of those remarks. And if you believe headlines, you may start thinking that women all over the world are like that.

Do you believe everything you tell yourself about you?

Tabloids are still very popular. The stories are pretty much invented around a tiny heart of truth. And for some reason many people love it! They know they are deceived, but yet they keep swallowing one impossible lie after another and slowly the gossip turns into truth in their perception.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?