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What do you prefer: rules or guidelines?

Everyone's life is developing. Not everyone is aware of it, but it happens anyway. There comes a time when the need for evolvement is very large. Usually around the age of 40.

The rules of the past are gladly put aside. And that gives freedom, but also uncertainty. Because knowing what we do not want, does not mean knowing what we do want.

The road to discovering our true self is not without bumps. The most essential part is continuously listening to our gut feelings. To our inner voice.

Cartoonist Liza Donnelly tells in a playful way about her own development. Her getting rid of imposed rules. My suggestion … let your abs as loose as possible and laugh out loud!

And who do you think you are !!!

A very important factor in self-esteem is the realization of how others see us. When we grow up, the way our parents treat us is important, but also how we are treated by our peers.

If you have heard from childhood on that you’re not the smartest girl, but surely the most beautiful one. Or they say it’s okay that you are not good at studying, because the chance that you’ll marry a rich guy is much larger than obtaining a diploma. It might be possible that you still think like that. Not intentionally. But subconsciously.

Are you a hero ?

To answer that question it is useful to know the definition of a hero.

Van Dale (Great Dictionary of the Dutch language) describes seven meanings to the word ‘hero':

  1. brave warrior, known for his courage
  2. brave warrior from ancient times, whose immortal deeds are remembered in epics and sagas
  3. someone who is not afraid and does not fear danger
  4. someone who is physically strong, or who possesses great knowledge or skill
  5. someone who excels in great deeds
  6. the main character in a novel, a play, etc.
  7. principal, center of attention

And if it concerns a super hero, there is a point 8: someone who loves flamboyant clothing …

Time for a check up ?

Last week I went to a networking event just for women entrepreneurs. It was a very pleasant and informative evening. During such a meeting, one can gain inspiration and learn more about the subject of the lecture given.

"Good grief... you call this an article ?"

On your way to work you see a man in dirty clothes stumbling down the pavement.
The cloud of suspended alcohol around him is that thick, it's almost visible. You kind of shut your eyes a little, take a deep breath and hold it in, until you have passed the man. "Phhhhyeew…" you say after a few steps, "Fresh air!"

Before you turn the corner you look furtively over your shoulder. You see how the drunk man take a swig from a bottle that he keeps hidden in a brown paper bag. You shake your head. "It's always the same thing with those alcoholics " you mumble with irritation and continue with a kind of good feeling that you have judged him.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?