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Do you suffer because of your own jealousy?

"She can very well conduct a meeting" your husband says while you are sitting at the dining table. He puts down his spoon to take a sip of water. Meanwhile, your fork en spoon tap on your plate while scooping up some macaroni and cheese. "A natural, that's what she is." your man continues. He picks up his spoon again and gets ready for the next bite.
"Everyone loves her. She is articulate and knows how to keep everyones attention during her presentation." He picks up his napkin and wipes his mouth.

Just be who you are... it sounds so easy, right ?

But in daily life it sometimes is not easy. Because … Who are you really?

  • Are you the black sheep in the family? That always show up too late or not at all at family gatherings?
  • Are you the perfect daughter, of whom nothing more is expected than always doing the right thing?
  • Are you the eternal single girl, of whom people no longer expect to have a relationship?
  • Are you the strong woman who always takes small indignities for granted in your relationship?
  • Are you always full of laughter, sociable, fun  cozy, a carefree partyanimal, who grieves in silence for her infertility?

What role do you have? And is it a role that you have chosen? Or has that role been slid in your shoes imperceptibly? That imperceptibly that you've been walking around with it for so many years that you've come to believe it yourself.

Pas op! Anders val je!

Do you say that often to your child? Or have you often heard that as a child? I remember when my oldest nephew was three years old, he started to complete this sentence. I started saying "Beware " and he said on a very bored tone 'otherwise you fall". I always had to laugh loud when I heard him say that.
Meanwhile this little boy became a man, graduating his second college degree. He doesn't know, but he has taught me something back then. Something my own 3 year old now benefits from. She is hardly told to beware, while she frequently sits on top of the jungle gym, hangs upside down the swing, slides backwards from the slide. And then I don't even mention the tools with which she plays regularly.

Did you know that you are responsible for your own compliments?

Taking responsibility for your life is not a half-hearted affair. You either do it or you don't.

Being not a victim is a huge chore if you are not used to it. But it is not impossible. One of the things that we can take responsibility for is asking for compliments.

Defects are actually hidden opportunities

But we often do not realize this. For we are taught the definition of a defect and of a possibility. And we have learned that under no circumstances a defect can be the same thing as a possibility. No, that's not the deal. A defect is a defect. And a possibility is a possibility. That's it.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?