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This article contains a video-clip

How are you feeling today? Can you use a booster?

I think this movie is so inspiring, that I like to share it with you. Go sit back and enjoy the energy and beauty.

As part of nature, creation, the big bang, the universe, etc., we human beings are capable of great things:

  • physical performance
  • the art of filming that performance
  • the art of admiring

Quality...who sets the standard again?

Sometimes I catch myself having masochistic tendencies. Because I do something I know could possibly hurt me. Like the other day. I asked a dozen people if they are willingly to point out on a list (supplied by me), what they feel my qualities are and what I've meant to them over the years.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, because it is very nice for your confidence when people start telling you what they like about you. But then that masochistic part popped up. I asked the same people if they also think I should "improve" something. Well …. then you practically ask for it, right?


Or maybe you say: 'Happy? New? Year ?… (sigh) ", because 2011 was not such a good year for you and you are a little apprehensive that it will repeat itself in 2012.
Did you have much sorrow in 2011 and do you hope for better times in 2012? Or have you worked very hard on your health, education or career in 2011 and now you hope for some relaxation?

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?