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Sometimes we need to be reminded what we, people, are: AWESOME! You’d almost forget when listening to the daily news. So it’s time for a compilation again. Relax and enjoy what others dare to do.

What happens to you when you see these images?
When you see others dare things? Do you get inspired or intimidated? In some cases the progress of someone else is a downer for you. Because you are confronted with your own fear. The fear to jump, to act, to change jobs, to end/start a relationship, to move to another house.
While your neighbour dares to do all that…without blinking…

How do you become a superhero ?

You can do the impossible yourself or you can support someone who tries to do the impossible. In both cases you are a superhero!

To do the impossible yourself, it is necessary to start with the basics:

  1. listen to your inner voice, when someone says you can or should not do something. If your intuition says that you can: Go for it!
  2. believe in yourself that you can achieve the impossible
  3. gather people around you who – despite everything – believe in YOU, support you and help you up when you have fallen

Just like beauty, happiness comes from within...

Today there seems rather little reason to rejoice. The ancor women and men tell us all about it. Every day we hear bad news.

  • The euro is bad.
  • Many suicides among entrepreneurs in Italy.
  • In Greece people vote in protest for the extreme right, to give a signal to the current parties.
  • Life is getting more expensive.
  • Health care and education also are less funded.
  • There are no jobs …

Well, after reading such a list you probably do not feel so happy anymore. Your energy has dropped and you begin to see more problems than before. Your focus is on the negative things. If you could look at yourself from a distance, you would see that you are walking or sitting hunched over. That your shoulders are hanging. Your smile is gone. Your eyes are dull.

This article contains a video-clip

Life can sometimes be very unfair. Quite incomprehensible. It is always sad when someone dies, but if that someone is old and tired, than that can be a consolation for the family. “Grandpa has had a good life, I’m going to miss him.”

Footprints in the sand

You've probably heard of this poem. The poem "Footprints in the sand '. It's about a dream of somebody who walks on the beach and then looks back. He sees two pairs of footsteps. His and Gods. He looks at his life and notices that in the difficult times only 1 pair of foot steps is visible. When he asks God why He left him in that difficult time, God replies that He was there and that He carried him.

It is a very beautiful poem. A very comforting experience … especially for the person who this dream was for.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?