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At the end of the day, only love matters...

Mankind has to deal with differences for centuries. In this video Andrew Solomon tells us about how we changed our way of thinking about homosexuality, deafness, autism, little people and Down's syndrome throughout the years.

Unconditional love is greater than everything else. Self-acceptance, family acceptance and social acceptance play a major role in developing vertical and horizontal identities.

Andrew has seen during this study "how much love there can be, when everything appears to go wrong." And that creates a beautiful perspective for the future of mankind.

Pas op! Anders val je!

Do you say that often to your child? Or have you often heard that as a child? I remember when my oldest nephew was three years old, he started to complete this sentence. I started saying "Beware " and he said on a very bored tone 'otherwise you fall". I always had to laugh loud when I heard him say that.
Meanwhile this little boy became a man, graduating his second college degree. He doesn't know, but he has taught me something back then. Something my own 3 year old now benefits from. She is hardly told to beware, while she frequently sits on top of the jungle gym, hangs upside down the swing, slides backwards from the slide. And then I don't even mention the tools with which she plays regularly.

A thousand times NO

Many people find it hard to say 'No'. In general, women are most affected by it. Someone asks if you want to do something and almost automatically, without any internal consultation, you say 'Yes', but microseconds later you realize that that 'Yes' should have been a 'No'.

What are we so afraid of, when we actually have to say 'No' , but don't do it?

  • What are we so afraid of , when we really have to set borders with family and friends, but don't do it?
  • What are we so afraid of, when we really should stand up for ourselves, but don't do it?

Bahia Shehab, an Egyptian artist, practiced saying 'No'. With her artwork "A thousand times 'NO' " she took part in the Arab revolution. A revolution which clearly dealt with 'No'-sayers. And yet… she did it …

Are you also afraid to be judged ?

Everyone has this fear in some extent, greater or lesser. There's something we like to do and we are good at it, but just one person makes a minor remark and – there we go –

  • away with that brush … and you stop painting …
  • away with that microphone … and you stop singing …
  • away with that laptop … and you stop writing …
  • away with the spoon … and you stop cooking …

Do you believe everything you tell yourself about you?

Tabloids are still very popular. The stories are pretty much invented around a tiny heart of truth. And for some reason many people love it! They know they are deceived, but yet they keep swallowing one impossible lie after another and slowly the gossip turns into truth in their perception.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?