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Enjoy who you are and what you have !

Wasn't it nice, the inauguration of the new king? Such a solemn affair during which – like the NOS so beautifully pointed out – a prince became King and a Queen became a princess again. And then the royal display of royal robe, crown, scepter and throne. Oh, and that dress of Máxima … gorgeous! Yes, it was beautiful and very well organized.
(The photo is made by ANP)

Defects are actually hidden opportunities

But we often do not realize this. For we are taught the definition of a defect and of a possibility. And we have learned that under no circumstances a defect can be the same thing as a possibility. No, that's not the deal. A defect is a defect. And a possibility is a possibility. That's it.

Do you laugh sometimes ... lately?

“What’s so funny?” you might say. With the announcements of our new government one would indeed deny there’s something to laugh about. On a daily basis we receive information about gloomy times ahead of us and that we therefore should be pessimistic. These instructions are also confirmed by people who tell moody and horror stories about what already happened to them and what will happen (!) to them due to the crisis¬†.

But have you also noticed that some people survive all crises?¬†That the daily doom does not seem to harm them? These people know that their welfare is not dependent on others. Not even the government. They have – consciously or unconsciously – chosen not to believe the presented reality, but to create their own. And thus they live in peace … despite what is going on around them.

Living from the heart !

It is so important to live from your heart. To make choices from your heart. Last week I was at a meeting of VOL (an association of women entrepreneurs in Leidsche Rijn) – a very nice group (she said slightly biased…).

The workshop was about making a movie to post on your website. A proper subject for female entrepreneurs who want to put the spotlight on their business. The person who gave the workshop is very adept at making advertising films as a professional. He had lots of great tips and tricks.

He also gave examples of what does and does not work. At least … in his eyes. Because what we people always do is have an opinion about things from our own point of view. The filmmaker is completely into movies, so he looks at a website with different eyes than a copywriter. Or a photographer. Or a marketer. As a filmmaker, he believes videos should not be displayed too small on websites. While a copywriter feels that text should be more prominent. A photographer will pay more attention to the way photos are displayed and a marketer probably has something to say about how things should be rearranged on a website.

How do you become a superhero ?

You can do the impossible yourself or you can support someone who tries to do the impossible. In both cases you are a superhero!

To do the impossible yourself, it is necessary to start with the basics:

  1. listen to your inner voice, when someone says you can or should not do something. If your intuition says that you can: Go for it!
  2. believe in yourself that you can achieve the impossible
  3. gather people around you who – despite everything – believe in YOU, support you and help you up when you have fallen

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?