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What do you use? Powerpoint, Prezi ... or .... Dancers?

Yes, there's a new presentation tool on the market. Preferably used by scientists. It's innovative, exciting, good for the environment both the biological and the financial one.

"Ofcourse I am in love with my new born baby...don't be ridiculous!"

No matter how modern we are, there are still a number of taboos about parenting. Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman wrote down heir experiences and talk about them in this video.

The 4 things you can't say about parenting.

  1. You can't say "I didn't fall in love with my baby in the first minute."
  2. You can't say "I feel lonely, now I have a baby"
  3. You can't talk about your miscarriage
  4. You can't say "My average happiness has declined since having a child."

How do you keep your sex life interesting ?

Everything we do and experience in life is our own responsibility.

If the relationship with our partner has become a bit bland, then we can fully blame our partner:

  • 'If you would do this, then I'd be turned on.'
  • 'If you would do that, then I'd be spontaneous too…once in a while.'

Small things do matter !

We all struggle along with the balance between your work and your personal life.

And also here it comes down to our own responsibility. For – whether we are employed or an entrepreneur – we must do it ourselves. Nobody will do it for us.

When were you wrong lately ?

And how did that feel? Not good, right!

Why are we frustrated when we are wrong?
Because of our prejudices and the things we have learned about errors.

People who make mistakes are stupid, lazy and irresponsible morons. So when we find ourselves caught in a mistake, then … wé are stupid, lazy and irresponsible morons.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?