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Just be who you are... it sounds so easy, right ?

But in daily life it sometimes is not easy. Because … Who are you really?

  • Are you the black sheep in the family? That always show up too late or not at all at family gatherings?
  • Are you the perfect daughter, of whom nothing more is expected than always doing the right thing?
  • Are you the eternal single girl, of whom people no longer expect to have a relationship?
  • Are you the strong woman who always takes small indignities for granted in your relationship?
  • Are you always full of laughter, sociable, fun  cozy, a carefree partyanimal, who grieves in silence for her infertility?

What role do you have? And is it a role that you have chosen? Or has that role been slid in your shoes imperceptibly? That imperceptibly that you've been walking around with it for so many years that you've come to believe it yourself.

"Ofcourse I am in love with my new born baby...don't be ridiculous!"

No matter how modern we are, there are still a number of taboos about parenting. Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman wrote down heir experiences and talk about them in this video.

The 4 things you can't say about parenting.

  1. You can't say "I didn't fall in love with my baby in the first minute."
  2. You can't say "I feel lonely, now I have a baby"
  3. You can't talk about your miscarriage
  4. You can't say "My average happiness has declined since having a child."

Fact: Women don't allow each other to shine !

It strikes me that there are often posts on LinkedIN about the competition between women. There are questions like ‘Why women can’t stand each other “or “When will women stop putting each other down?” And there were a few more of those remarks. And if you believe headlines, you may start thinking that women all over the world are like that.

Are you a hero ?

To answer that question it is useful to know the definition of a hero.

Van Dale (Great Dictionary of the Dutch language) describes seven meanings to the word ‘hero':

  1. brave warrior, known for his courage
  2. brave warrior from ancient times, whose immortal deeds are remembered in epics and sagas
  3. someone who is not afraid and does not fear danger
  4. someone who is physically strong, or who possesses great knowledge or skill
  5. someone who excels in great deeds
  6. the main character in a novel, a play, etc.
  7. principal, center of attention

And if it concerns a super hero, there is a point 8: someone who loves flamboyant clothing …

Time for a check up ?

Last week I went to a networking event just for women entrepreneurs. It was a very pleasant and informative evening. During such a meeting, one can gain inspiration and learn more about the subject of the lecture given.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?