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'Me? I am doing just fine ! :-) '

You probably recognize this. Just having a nice cup of coffee and then there she is, in the same restaurant as you, that woman who made a hurtful remark a few months ago. It hurted then so badly, that you’re now feeling it again. Your partner sees that you’re a bit shaken and asks what’s going on and you wave it gently away with: “Oh … I just thought of something unpleasant, but it’s already passed. ”

Your coffee time is quite cosey, but you are constantly aware of the presence of that woman, no matter how much you try to ignore her. And that bothers you somehow. It bothers you that you have not processed that stupid comment yet. That you haven’t thought of it for months, but now you’re confronted with ‘that woman’ you suddenly feel how much it bothers you.

How do you become a superhero ?

You can do the impossible yourself or you can support someone who tries to do the impossible. In both cases you are a superhero!

To do the impossible yourself, it is necessary to start with the basics:

  1. listen to your inner voice, when someone says you can or should not do something. If your intuition says that you can: Go for it!
  2. believe in yourself that you can achieve the impossible
  3. gather people around you who – despite everything – believe in YOU, support you and help you up when you have fallen

Just like beauty, happiness comes from within...

Today there seems rather little reason to rejoice. The ancor women and men tell us all about it. Every day we hear bad news.

  • The euro is bad.
  • Many suicides among entrepreneurs in Italy.
  • In Greece people vote in protest for the extreme right, to give a signal to the current parties.
  • Life is getting more expensive.
  • Health care and education also are less funded.
  • There are no jobs …

Well, after reading such a list you probably do not feel so happy anymore. Your energy has dropped and you begin to see more problems than before. Your focus is on the negative things. If you could look at yourself from a distance, you would see that you are walking or sitting hunched over. That your shoulders are hanging. Your smile is gone. Your eyes are dull.

This article contains a video-clip

Do you remember how you were as a child? What things you dared to do, thought of and dreamt about? How you saw more opportunities than danger? That everything was possible and all those roaring ‘bears on the road’ looked like Winnie the Pooh?

This adorable girl with the appropriate name Adora Svitak, teaches adults the importance of being childlike. Thinking like a child can produce great things. But only when we are willing to listen.

'You are so emotional !'

Has anyone ever said that to you? And how did that feel?
And has anyone ever told you: “You are so balanced! ‘How was that?

The first remark may often come across as a more negative one than the second remark. The first comment is usually meant as criticism rather than the second. And how often does someone excuse himself or herself when becoming emotional.
Showing your feelings – like anger or being upset about something, or sadness and shedding a tear – is generally considered inappropriate. It is not appropriate to talk about your pain, your sadness, your indignation. No, then you’re not seen as balanced, but as weak or worse … as pathetic.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?