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Defects are actually hidden opportunities

But we often do not realize this. For we are taught the definition of a defect and of a possibility. And we have learned that under no circumstances a defect can be the same thing as a possibility. No, that's not the deal. A defect is a defect. And a possibility is a possibility. That's it.

Making choices: freedom or stress?

Every day we make choices. And making choices also mean living with the consequences. And this knowledge affects our choices so again.

Oh, what I'm talking about. Just listen to Sheena Iyengar. For many years she has been researching how we make choices and in her speech, "The art of choosing"- she tells in a very entertaining way her conclusions. About profound choices, easy choices, how people respond to our choices.

A thousand times NO

Many people find it hard to say 'No'. In general, women are most affected by it. Someone asks if you want to do something and almost automatically, without any internal consultation, you say 'Yes', but microseconds later you realize that that 'Yes' should have been a 'No'.

What are we so afraid of, when we actually have to say 'No' , but don't do it?

  • What are we so afraid of , when we really have to set borders with family and friends, but don't do it?
  • What are we so afraid of, when we really should stand up for ourselves, but don't do it?

Bahia Shehab, an Egyptian artist, practiced saying 'No'. With her artwork "A thousand times 'NO' " she took part in the Arab revolution. A revolution which clearly dealt with 'No'-sayers. And yet… she did it …

This article contains a video-clip

Sometimes we need to be reminded what we, people, are: AWESOME! You’d almost forget when listening to the daily news. So it’s time for a compilation again. Relax and enjoy what others dare to do.

What happens to you when you see these images?
When you see others dare things? Do you get inspired or intimidated? In some cases the progress of someone else is a downer for you. Because you are confronted with your own fear. The fear to jump, to act, to change jobs, to end/start a relationship, to move to another house.
While your neighbour dares to do all that…without blinking…

Are you a hero ?

To answer that question it is useful to know the definition of a hero.

Van Dale (Great Dictionary of the Dutch language) describes seven meanings to the word ‘hero':

  1. brave warrior, known for his courage
  2. brave warrior from ancient times, whose immortal deeds are remembered in epics and sagas
  3. someone who is not afraid and does not fear danger
  4. someone who is physically strong, or who possesses great knowledge or skill
  5. someone who excels in great deeds
  6. the main character in a novel, a play, etc.
  7. principal, center of attention

And if it concerns a super hero, there is a point 8: someone who loves flamboyant clothing …

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?