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Just be who you are... it sounds so easy, right ?

But in daily life it sometimes is not easy. Because … Who are you really?

  • Are you the black sheep in the family? That always show up too late or not at all at family gatherings?
  • Are you the perfect daughter, of whom nothing more is expected than always doing the right thing?
  • Are you the eternal single girl, of whom people no longer expect to have a relationship?
  • Are you the strong woman who always takes small indignities for granted in your relationship?
  • Are you always full of laughter, sociable, fun  cozy, a carefree partyanimal, who grieves in silence for her infertility?

What role do you have? And is it a role that you have chosen? Or has that role been slid in your shoes imperceptibly? That imperceptibly that you've been walking around with it for so many years that you've come to believe it yourself.

What do you use? Powerpoint, Prezi ... or .... Dancers?

Yes, there's a new presentation tool on the market. Preferably used by scientists. It's innovative, exciting, good for the environment both the biological and the financial one.

Don't fake it, 'till you make it !!!

This message is brought to us by Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy in her inspiring speech. Just as our brain affects our body, so does our body affect our brain.

"Fake it, 'till you BECOME it !!!"
It takes only 2 minutes to implement small changes in our brains by using particular body poses. And lots of small changes … eventually make a few BIG CHANGES !

What do you prefer: rules or guidelines?

Everyone's life is developing. Not everyone is aware of it, but it happens anyway. There comes a time when the need for evolvement is very large. Usually around the age of 40.

The rules of the past are gladly put aside. And that gives freedom, but also uncertainty. Because knowing what we do not want, does not mean knowing what we do want.

The road to discovering our true self is not without bumps. The most essential part is continuously listening to our gut feelings. To our inner voice.

Cartoonist Liza Donnelly tells in a playful way about her own development. Her getting rid of imposed rules. My suggestion … let your abs as loose as possible and laugh out loud!

Is it time to change the way you look at the world ?

How do you see the world around you unconsciously? How do you face the world?

  • If you prepare yourself to go to an event, do you feel butterflies in your stomach with excitement or with stress?
  • If you enter an unfamiliar room, is your overall feeling a curious one, about what may happen or is it a scared one, about what might happen?
  • If you wake up in the morning, what is the first overall feeling you have? A sense of expectation what the day will bring? Or a sense of everything that is expected of you?

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?