At this moment I offer you the following services:

* FREE introduction on EFT !
Do you want detailed information about Emotional Freedom Techniques? How it dissolves stress and trauma? Whether the results are permanent or not? And how EFT affects the functioning of your brain?
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1) Discover what unconsciously witholds you in your company breakthrough !
Is your company currently (almost) not moving and you do not know where to start to get everything back on track?
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2) Emotional freedom is possible…with EFT !
Does these sound familiar?

  • being afraid after being robbed or molested
  • a particular image or thought keeps bugging you
  • a trauma is making you feel uncomfortable
  • miss a promotion or education, because one aspect of that job or training seems insurmountable
  • fall silent when you have to give a presentation
  • etc…

Do you want to end this? 
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3) Sparring
Dilemmas exist in all kind of shapes and sizes. You know them all:

  • To have children or not
  • Get married/divorced or not
  • To move/rebuild or not
  • Apply for another job start your own business or not
  • name it

Would you like to get clearity?
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4) Dreaming
Have you ever suffered from a period of hopelessness or routine? Or are you in some kind of deadlock? Do you feel depressed and unhappy?

It can be about anything:

  • your current life/job
  • seeing no way out in your current situation
  • standstill in your business
  • having no inspiration or ideas how to change your situation
  • and so on…

Do you want to dream your future, so you can deal with life flexibly and solution-oriented?
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Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?