Dear reader,

We are once again at the end of a year. Christmas is coming and 2015 a week later. I hope it's been a good year for you and that you can peacefully enter the new year.

This week I saw this song of Brigitte Kaandorp: "I have such a very hard life." (email me if you want the translation of the lyrics). It made me laugh a lot, because it reminded me of myself a few years ago. Life is as hard as you make it. And the way to make it airy and light can be stressful, but sooooo incredibly worthwhile. Once you've succeeded, then …:-)

How Facebook can help you to 'know yourself'!

Morning all!

A new week has begun. Maybe this is the last one before your holiday or maybe it is not? Anyway, whether it is a good week or not, depends on the degree of our ability to accept. And also the extent to which we can accept ourselves.

Self-acceptance is not done obviously in one day. It is a matter of practicing. Practicing compassion for yourself and thus for someone else. Practicing to accept that you are not perfect and probably never will be.

A very good afternoon!

For many of us a weekend of freedom is almost coming to an end, while others are ending a weekend full of work. It's good to have a job, especially these days.

But if you're happy and rich does not depend on having a job. I've seen it myself in the last few weeks. The abundance comes from deeper. It's about how you look at things. How you experience things.

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?