"What a noice, I can not even hear myself think!" Have you ever said that? Silence is essential in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to be in touch with ourselves.
The more we communicate with ourselves, the more we can deal with everything we encounter in life.

In this video, Pico Iyer tells about how he handles sitting still as a journalist, writer and avid traveler. A simple and real story.

Loosen up your hair and dance!!

How Facebook can help you to 'know yourself'!

How Facebook can help you to 'know yourself'!Perhaps you know the phrase "Know thyself." An inscription to be read in the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Today we find that it is very important to know ourselves. Because if we know ourselves, we can influence our reactions and then we can change our lives in a positive way. The first step is to discover what thoughts we have every day.

"So  Facebook can help?" you might think. Yes, indeed.

Tune in on your inner force.


Dr. Joseph Murphy gives many examples and exercises in this book how to do that.

Give yourself time to develop your abilities to live your best life.


"As long as my work is satisfactory." "I don't really have to become rich, you know, as long as I am happy", "Money does not buy happiness.", "It is not good to ask for money for my services.", "Why should I be rich if I can be happy?" … These are all statements and beliefs whose underlying message is:."being rich is bad" or "being rich makes you a bad person.", "You can't be happy and rich at the same time!".

And these beliefs stop us to be successful or make proper business decisions. And money … is very convenient, right? But we must not have too much of it, right? But … what is too much?

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?