Going through life effortlessly and confidently

Isn't that what you really want! Living your life in a relaxed manner. There is nothing you can not handle or solve. And you enjoy your children, your relationship and your job.

Your life as it is right now is not that bad, you just keep running into pitfalls. And that brings you down. And now you're either burned out or either acknowledging that you are well on your way to become burned out.

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There is an uneasy undertone in your life that makes you sensitive to emotional and physical exhaustion:  

  1. You are – almost continuously – busy thinking about others. How they feel about you and what they think of you.

    • Even though you appear to be confident, yet you doubt if you are good enough.
    • You know pretty well what you want, but you let your actions depend on the reaction of your others.
    • Saying "No" and defining your boundaries are not easy for you to do, because somehow you feel that it is your job to please everybody.
  2. Every now and then (more now than then) "that one thing" shows up which always makes you stumble. Your so-called Achilles Heel.

    • You become emotional during a confrontational interview and you really hate that.
    • You fall silent when someone makes a certain comment and it bothers you that it gets to you each time.
    • You really would like to have that promotion, but then you have to overcome 'that one thing' that you fear. And you're not looking forward to that
  3. You feel you can and want more, but there is something preventing you from unleashing your full potential.

    • You have too little faith in yourself to do what you really want.
    • You think you have no right to do what you really want.
    • You find it difficult to follow your heart, because that goes against the things you've been taught.

And these things that roam under your surface, give you a lot of frustration and energy loss. Energy you might want to use for fun things, like spending time with your children and your partner and your job. For… how would you like to:

  1. To live inner centered?

    • So you will always know you're good enough.
    • So you will make your choices based on your feelings.
    • So you will say 'no' easily to a request and can say what you want and what you don't want without any fear.
  2. Get rid off 'that one thing' (your Achilles' heel) that sabotages you?

    • So you will easily remain standing in difficult conversations.
    • So you will cope with painful comments in an elegant way.
    • So you will dare to take the steps towards your goal fearlessly.
  3. To discover what keeps you from unleashing your full potential ?

    • So you will always choose you in a unencumbered way.
    • So you will have the life you want.
    • So you will stand for who you are.

It is possible !!!  

"The choices I made in my life, were based on what "others" expected from me. Everything I felt I ignored because I could not trust myself. If I did something I thought was good, I always felt restless or even guilty, because somebody else didn't share my thought. With her naturally quiet voice and patience, Asha asked me questions that brought me to my true feelings. I was able to discover who I really am. She also helped me to confirm myself more and more in my feelings."

Lisa van Bilsen

Coaching Practice 'Unleash who you are' is about:
  • stop trying to be how you SHOULD be and start to be who you ARE
  • stop FIGHTING against yourself and start treating yourself in a LOVING way
  • stop CONDEMNING yourself and start EMBRACING yourself 100%
  • stop swimming AGAINST the tide and start MOVING with the flow
  • stop SEARCHING FOR APPROVAL from others and start APPROVING yourself

Does this appeal to you and do you want to feel young, self-driven, spontaneous and passionate again? If you've done it once, you can do it again (!)

"I am Asha Vasconcellos – Badal

And it is my mission to coach well educated, self-driven women in dissolving emotional pain, so they can remember  that – no matter what they have ever experienced – they are in the core GREAT, totally LEGAL in all facets of their lives and able to LIVE according to their deepest desire.

Because I believe that when you are EMOTIONALLY FREE… you can unleash who you are.

And if you REALLY are who you are, you will live your full potential !

As my client you can count on me for attention, discretion, clarity, honesty, a warm heart and a empathic listening."

"Asha offers, without interruptions and without unintended advice, a listening ear. She is honest and that I really like. In a respectful way she is able to articulate things well. I always love to talk with Asha. She radiates a certain tranquility and softness, and I can be myself."

Margit Deege  

Would you like to go through life effortlessly and confidently (again)? And what do you need to do that?

I can help you, because: Whatever you’ve been through,… it is néver too late to unleash your full potential !  

Does your heart need a boost? So you can hear it better?