So, there’s “filthy rich” and there’s “fragrantly rich ‘…

"As long as my work is satisfactory." "I don't really have to become rich, you know, as long as I am happy", "Money does not buy happiness.", "It is not good to ask for money for my services.", "Why should I be rich if I can be happy?" … These are all statements and beliefs whose underlying message is:."being rich is bad" or "being rich makes you a bad person.", "You can't be happy and rich at the same time!".

And these beliefs stop us to be successful or make proper business decisions. And money … is very convenient, right? But we must not have too much of it, right? But … what is too much?

The question is not whether you have a lot of money, but if it's filthy. In this video Bill en Melinda Gates tell us what you can do with money. Or as I freely put it: how to be fragrantly rich.
Maybe it helps you to ask for what you're worth, because if you have a lot, you can also give a lot  and then also received a lot … and then give a lot… and so on :-)

What beliefs about money have you got? Do these beliefs limit you? Please, tell me about it in the comments section below.

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