Clear and understandable

Readers comment on the eBook

"Last weekend I read your ebook, clear and understandable. Though I really don't fully manage the method yet, your ebook helped me already!
Last week I had a very annoying, vicious phone call of almost 45 minutes!

I was personally attacked and denounced as inflexible, rigid, not communicating very well. I would quit when things didn't go my way, etc.

But instead of feeling emotional and personally attacked, I remained cool and businesslike. I did this partly with the Turn.Take.Trigger approach, during which the goal changed. First I wanted to maintain the relationship, but when I understood that there was nothing to maintain, I let it go.

That what something this person clearly did not expect to happen to a point of even begining to scream through the phone, which made me laugh. I finished the conversation saying that I was sorry she had such a distorted picture of me and saying "I sincerely wish you all success" and was proud of myself!

Again, thanks for your ebook! "

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