The feeling that you really matter

Every person has his certainties, but certainly uncertainties. For example, I’m in a period that many call ‘in between jobs’. I found myself getting less able to fall asleep, a lot of thinking about how things would go financially. Each day I woke up increasingly fearful. I noticed that finding a suitable job is currently extremely difficult, despite my excellent track record. How will I make ends meet with much less revenue? Can I still pay my mortgage?

my situation

In addition, I experienced the feeling of being a ‘failure’. I have been working for over 30 years and have never had a need to apply for social benefits. I did not want to, but now I had to. That was a very high threshold. How do you deal with that. Extremely difficult. For I think that I should always take care of myself, not be dependent of someone else or social benefits. The result? Less self-confidence, a feeling of losing full control.

A few weeks ago I read an article in a magazine about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I’m a woman who believes that if you suffer from something, you have to do something about it. That means also with my low self-esteem and anxiety. EFT caught my attention.

Asha and I encountered a few months ago at a networking event. We immediately had a very good conversation. A warm, committed woman with a lot of knowledge due to personal experiences.

When I told her over a cup of tea about that EFT article, it appeared that Asha followed an education for EFT. I immediately made ​​an appointment.

my experience

I was quite nervous when I went to Asha, nervous in the sense of wondering what was coming. Of course I had already looked on the internet and participated in a ‘sample movie’ of an EFT session. About chocolate. I thought, always a good thing to do. I ate one piece of dark chocolate every day. I wanted to get rid of it. So tried it! And honestly, it worked! The days before I went to Asha, I did not need any chocolate anymore. And even now, only when I really feel like it, I eat a piece of chocolate, not a whole bar!
So I knew a little what was coming, but did not really understood how it worked.

Asha made sure I felt right at ease and began the conversation. She asked questions, let me tell my story. Asked more profound questions, isolated the ‘pain’ and let me talk about that some more. Tears. Many tears. Physically I felt literally smothery as if there was a noose around my neck.

With the deep pain we started to work. First, you need to give your feelings a number between 0 and 10. How “heavy” do you experience the feeling you have. I found it quite difficult. Then the session began. A kind of acupressure, as I call it myself, combined with an affirmation, naming the emotion, accepting what is. Afterwards you give a number to indicate the heaviness of your feeling again. It is truly amazing what it does to you. I felt true relief, relief of distress.

Asha is someone who really gives you room to express yourself, gives you confidence and the feeling that you really matter. That is very nice. She can really empathize with your situation, without going along with your emotions, so she can ask the right questions.

what it has given me

After the session I felt tired, but also much ‘lighter’. Literally the feeling of having processed something. In the two weeks after our EFT session, I notice that I stand in life differently. The emotions are still there, but I can handle it very well. They do not harass me anymore, they do not paralyze me anymore. I am again able to take the bull by the horns, as I always did. Do not talk, just do it!
My confidence is therefore growing again, so I am also more positive. But the greatest gift to me is waking up in the morning without feeling anxious.

to whom I recommend Asha

I can really recommend anyone who feels “stuck” somehow. Maybe you do not know exactly where it comes from. Asha is able to work with you, to appoint and address the stings. Whether it is for business or personal situations.

I – for one – am a much happier person!


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