Asha Vasconcellos – Badal

I guide and support well educated, self-driven women between 30 and 55 years, in dissolving emotional blockades, so they dare to take steps – in peace – to live their full potential!



"What a noice, I can not even hear myself think!" Have you ever said that? Silence is essential in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to be in touch with ourselves.
The more we communicate with ourselves, the more we can deal with everything we encounter in life.

In this video, Pico Iyer tells about how he handles sitting still as a journalist, writer and avid traveler. A simple and real story.

Lucy van der Vlist ~ MMS Coach

I’ve found our session very valuable. Your quiet and calm effluence¬†gives me a secure and safe environment to tune in deep into myself. It’s nice to tell my story to a warm person who, without judgment and with a reaching hand, ¬†allowed me to come to my own insights.